Review: Urban Decay Naked Skin Foundation

Recently, I had been feeling kind of bored with my foundation stash and decided to pick up the Naked Skin Foundation by Urban Decay about 2 weeks ago. I know that this isn't a new product on the market but I hadn't heard that much buzz about it and decided to give it a shot. The idea behind the foundation is that it is supposed to have a weightless feel and is if it is a second skin. 

The foundation currently comes in 18 shades and are made to pink- or yellow-toned. The shades ending in a .5 are pink-toned, and those ending in a .0 are yellow-toned foundations. I used the Sephora Foundation IQ matrix online based on a previous foundation matched in store, and I would say that the match is pretty good, except maybe that its a little too yellow.

The foundation is really light-weight and because of it needs to be shaken really well before use. Besides the beautiful acryclic packaging, it also has a very sturdy pump. I would say it is about a mid-range price for a high-end foundation, coming in at $45.00 CAD.

So far, I absolutely love this foundation. It feels like I am not wearing a base product at all. I don't find that it emphasizes any pores, however, if you do have dry patches, it will cling to them. I would say that this foundation has medium to build-able coverage, and since it is such a lightweight consistency you would have to really pile it on in order to make it look cakey on the skin.

I see myself wearing this foundation a lot throughout the colder months, but I am not sure how well it would hold up on a hot summer's day on my oily skin. My skin does get shiny by the end of the day, but a simple powder touch-up does the trick.


Top 5 Current Makeup Tools/Brushes.

One of the most essential accompaniments to having great makeup, is having the right tools! Today I'll be sharing my top 5 makeup tools in hopes that maybe it will give you some ideas to add to your stash!

#1. Shu Uemura Eyelash Curlers.
My lashes are not naturally very curly, so I have to do whatever I can to give them a boost. I love my eyelash curlers from Shu Uemura as they fit really nicely on my eye, and the spring mechanism on them is really sturdy.  The cushion strip on them is also really nice, I only just replaced it after having them for a year-and-a-half! Granted they are a bit pricy (at about 25$), but I think good tools are worth investing in.

#2. Sonia Kashuk Blending Brush.
This blending brush from Sonia Kashuk actually came originally  in a set, but this is my favorite one out of the bunch. It's not super soft, but its super fluffy and really affordable. It also doesn't shed unlike some drugstore brushes. The one I have is from a limited edition set, but I am sure you  can find a similar one in her permanent line of brushes.

#3. Real  Techniques Blush Brush.
I had been lusting after the Real Techniques brushes for a while before I started noticing them being sold here in Canada, and I was so glad when I finally did. The blush brush is really soft, doesn't shed and is the perfect shape for applying color to the apples of my cheeks. You can also tell that these brushes are really good quality, from the soft hairs to the sturdy handles. The brushes are pretty affordable and can be found at places like Walmart and Lawtons. I've also seen them at places like Winners (i.e. TJ Maxx to some of you) where you can usually find them a bit cheaper.

#4. Real Techniques Blending Sponge.
Before I knew that  Real Techniques had a makeup sponge, I had been really wanting to jump on the sponge bandwagon, but really  couldn't afford to shell out $26 for the beauty blender at Sephora. However, when I was in Florida this summer I managed to find the RT blending sponge and absolutely loved it. Thankfully, I have since seen them here in Canada for a comparable price.  This will definitely always be a staple in my makeup bag!

#5.  E.l.f. Complexion/Powder Brush. 
If you  invest  in the E.l.f. Powder brush, it will probably be the best 4$ you ever spend. It is super dense, flat-topped makeup brush that  is perfect for adding a little bit of coverage in your powder application. This brand just started selling at  Target  Canada as well, so us Canadian beauty lovers are set!

Hope you  enjoyed this post about  my top makeup tools; I know I  always like to see what others are using! Please share any of your recommendations in the comments below! 


Converted to Cleansing Oils.

To be honest, I normally am very flighty  with my makeup removal routine. Not meaning that I don't do it, but that I change it quite often.  However, this summer I found something that is working quite well for me: cleansing oils.  Yup, not exactly a new concept per se but I think they have been gaining in popularity as of late. My skin feels super refreshed and soft,  after I have used it and just so darn clean. Unlike using a makeup wipe or Bioderma (which I still use) I can get about 98% of my makeup removed whilst just using one product. I absolutely love it. The best part for me personally, is that it really helps to remove all of my eye makeup with minimal tugging/pulling, and its super quick and easy.

I am currently using the MAC Cleanse-Off Oil in the Tranquil version, which I believe is supposed to be for more sensitive skin. I don't believe that my skin is particularly sensitive, but I thought that I would pick this up over the normal version because it was my first time trying a cleansing oil. I would also like to stress that I use the oil for makeup removal. After I cleanse off my makeup I always go back in with another cleanser to make sure that I am still cleansing my actual skin.

I am really looking forward to trying other cleansing oils such as the one by Garnier, and I believe that The Body Shop has one out as well.

Let me know about your experiences with cleansing oils and if there are any that you would recommend! 


Budget Buy: Revlon Colorstay Gel Envy

I must admit, I have never been much of a nail painter. I contribute this to the fact that I am lazy and most polishes are usually not very long-wearing and regretfully, high-maintenance. However, in spite of that fact I have been trying out a lot of different polish brands and formulations this year. The most recent polish release from Revlon has definitely caught my eye, and will no doubt continue to be a staple in my nail polish collection. I am talking of course about the Colorstay Gel Envy line that is designed to be a long lasting, gel-like nail polish. I believe originally there were only about 10 shades available, but the color collection is now quite extensive with some newly added fall colors.

So far, all the shades that I have tried have been one-coaters (although I normally apply two), and not a streak in sight. The two colors I currently own are Hold'Em and Pocket Aces, as well as the Diamond Top Coat. They are also pretty affordable, around 7-8$.

Furthermore, I have to say the nail polishes are great, but the top coat is really the star of the show. I have nails that peel and chip easily, and working in retail is not exactly a recipe for success when it comes to nail polish. However, with this top coat my nail polish lasts so much longer. I was actually astonished how well it held up the first time I used it. I should also mention that I love using this top coat with other polishes as well, and I get very similar results.

However, as with all gel/shellac nail treatments just make sure to remember to give your nails a break in between applications to keep them looking their best!

Have you tried these new Revlon polishes yet? If so, what are your thoughts?


Current Favourite Lipstick.

Does anyone have one of this lipsticks that you could wear all the time, and with anything? Today I thought I would do a quick post sharing the lipstick that I have been loving lately.

Admittedly, it is nothing new, or super special, but just really easy to wear. The lipstick in question in MAC's Plink!;  a lustre formulation. It gives a really nice subtle pink sheen to the lips, and has a subtle frosted finish. It find it just helps to polish off any look that I may be wearing.

What is your go-to lipstick at the moment?


Budget Buy: Revlon Color Stay Moisture Stain

Revlon Color Stay Moisture Stains: Barcelona Nights, Cannes Crush

Today I wanted to share with you the newest lipsticks in my makeup bag: Revlon's Color Stay Moisture Stains. These are meant to apply to the lips like a lipgloss and leave a stain behind once the gloss has worn off, as well as provide moisture to the lips.

The new range comes in several different shades and the shades that I decided to pick up were Cannes Crush and Barcelona Nights. Cannes Crush is bright orange-coral shade, while Barcelona Nights is a really rich raspberry color. I purchased mine at Wal-mart for $10.96 CAD each.

When I first swatched these stains, I was actually a little bit worried. The swatches came out streaky and slightly chunky (ick, I know). But after you have applied them and rubbed your lips together, they actually look and feel nice.

Revlon Color Stay Moisture Stains

The glossy part of this product actually lasts quite a long time; I managed to eat and drink and still looked nice afterwards. The stain however, lasts hours after application and my lips felt moisturized even after the gloss had worn off.

Revlon Colorstay Moisture Stain in Cannes Crush

This product does have quite a different applicator than you would find on most lip glosses/stains, and it works quite nicely with the product. It is a large triangular applicator, similar in function to a doe foot applicator.  

I should also mention that these lip stains do have a bit of a smell to them when you first put them on, it actually reminds me of children's finger paints. Don't worry though, I don't find that the scent lingers at all. 

Overall, I think that this is another hit for Revlon and I am enjoying them!

Have you tried these lip stains yet? What are your thoughts on them?


Splurge: YSL Rouge Volupté Shine

Splurge Alert!! I recently purchased this YSL Rouge Volupté Shine lipstick as a treat on my Birthday. At $39.00 CAD this will certainly not be a "get-it-in-every-colour" sort of purchase, but it was definitely worth the splurge. The shade that I picked up is number 8, called "Pink in Confidence." I would describe it is a light berry pink colour with a subtle hint of shimmer. 

The consistency of these lipsticks is really smooth and creamy, probably the best way to describe them would be as a a high-shine lip-glaze. Very similar to a liquid lipstick formula but thinner. It has really good pigmentation, but not extremely opaque. I would also say that they last a decent amount of time on the lips, and after shine of the lipstick has worn off, a nice stain is left behind.

Furthermore, because of the smooth and creamy consistency, they are really moisturizing as well. The lipstick has a slight sweet scent to it. I don't find the scent to be overpowering or to linger, so I am sure individuals with scent sensitivities wouldn't have a problem with it either. 

Have you tried the YSL RVS lipsticks? Do you have any other colours to recommend?

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